Designing a fairer

music experience


How do we encourage an industry that is built on 'hits culture' to diversify their music listening behaviour. When I arrived user centred design was completely ignored. It was assumed that the tech was enough.

Understanding the Tech

This patent technology allows users to search for music based on what a track sounds like, not just its popularity. This enables them to discover great new artists that might not have a massive marketing budget but sounds very similar to their favourite music.


Music taste gives insight into buying behaviours

Accesses to millions of tracks through Medianet catalogue

Sonic Search exposing the long tail of worlds music catalogue

A constant update of new, more efficient technologies

If you like the sound of this track you'll also like this undiscovered artist

We can see that you like 80's pop on Fridays. Here is station for this Friday

empathy mapping

In order for us to really solve this problem we need to take a broader approach. Who are the people in the music industry that we are targeting, what kind of experiences are they used to and how we could communicate this them.

Building a concept

crafting an experience

It's clear from our research that the three key thing we need to concentrate on are Search to expose the long tail, Personalisation to offer fans a magazine built around them. Artist page to better aggregation tool to make the most of their online assets

The Grid System

We tested several grid layouts to see which would be most appealing to the user, ledge-able and work well across mobile tablet and desktop

Testing Grids

✔   Visually Pleasing, hierarchy

✘   Illegible on mobile

✘   People click the dead space

✘   Visually uncomfortable

People click the dead space

✔   Legibility fixed on mobile

✔   Visually Pleasing

✔   Maintained hierarchy

✔   Dead space becomes hero content


If a picture says a thousand words then a prototype saves a 1000 meetings. The product has lots of detailed functionality. These are the key parts of the experience.

1440 PT

768 pt

320 pt

You made it!

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We needed a concept that would make this complex user journey simple to understand. We also needed a concept that who rally the company to better understand the direction of the company and a language that we could all share

Inspired by 'Zines' from the 70's we too wanted to create a magazine written by 1000's of authors not just 1. This magazine would be edited around the users musical tastes. Fans and listeners are able to browser undiscovered artists hidden the the long tail of the database and save them to their personal Scrapbook.

A place for users to save their favourite content and for artist to upload their tracks and publish to the magazine. It also offers Artist a selection of apps that can improve their reach and earning potential. It even gives developers access to an API where they can build Apps for our user base

mapping the journey

It's clear from our research that each persona has different priorities when it comes to watching TV. How do we create an experience that accommodates for Betty, Carl and Sarah. Because Carl is the biggest consumer of content we'll start here.



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