Designing an experience

for the future of TV


How do we introduce UKTV users to an on demand viewing experience with out overloading them with choice? This is especially difficult because most users are accustom to a simple linear viewing experience.

Understanding the Tech

The Red Player which managed 90% of the UK's broadcasting content was developed to keep up with increasing flexibility needed from content providers.


Cast, crew, wiki’s,

trailer and more etc.


A Real Time

TV Guide


Pre Roll, Ad Breaks

Banner advertising


In App Purchases

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empathy mapping

Busy Betty

Potato Couch Carl

Social Sarah

Problem Scenarios

She is very busy through out the day and breaks are unpredictable. The only dedicated time for entrainment is with the family in the evenings

Typical 'Dave' persona. Finds it difficult to get an overview for everything that is on because existing guides are complex and dull. Low activity and very suggestible.

Hardly watches live tv unless it's a family event. Even then she spends most of it on her phone finding second screen information about the show.


Find a quick show to catch up on in  a limited space of time and find something  to watch for the entire family that evening

Gain overview of everything that is on. Discover more content because he could probably binge watch an entire series in a day.

Wants on demand content where ever she is. Needs to know the information around a show not just it's synopsis and TX date

Existing knowledge

Which channel she can get the shows that she traditionally watches.

Live TV guide and in channel show advertising of what's coming up next

Social media and the web search tell here all about a show and have her say

knowledge Gap

How to bookmark new shows. Buy dinner with a show at a discount. Discover similar shows, and enter competitions with a show.

A simple and engaging way to have a mission control overview of everything that is on. Discover new content on demand

She can discover all social and web information about a show in one place much faster and share her option through social much easier.

mapping the ideal journey

It's clear from our research that each persona has different priorities when it comes to watching TV. How do we create an experience that accommodates Betty, Carl and Sarah. Because Carl is the biggest consumer base we'll start here.

crafting an experience

Simple simple simple! It's almost as though we are creating 3 different products in one. How do we enable simple navigation between all these features. How do we make each feature feel targeted to each persona with out alienating the other two?

The Globe Concept

This is the ultimate carousel. Almost like a topological map of the UKTV ecosystem. The more you pinch into the map the more information is revealed about it.

Key Components

Interaction Points


TV Shows


The UKTV Level

By default we show a semi zoomed in globe. This gives them a nice introduction to the navigation concept. Up and down for time and and left to right to switch channels.

Pinching Between Levels

While users can pinch and zoom between Global EPG, The Channel Level and the show level it is not the only way. The user can also tap between them

The Channel Level

Here the user gets a bit more information about the show such as second screen experiences, bios and the specific time elapsed if it's a live show

The Show Level

This  is an expansion of the traditional player. It contains an aggregated social feed as well as polls and competitions. making live tv feel more like a communal event.

'My' Channel Level

This contains all of the shows that 'Busy Betty' may have saved as well as recommendations based on previous viewing behaviours.

Toggling a Social View

Sarah may not be that interested in the chronological EPG. Instead a TV Guide powered by what's socially trending maybe more effective to share with others.

Adding STYLE

Although limited and slightly out of date we used the UKTV brand guidelines create a set of UI elements so that it was easy for developers to build.

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