Designing an Experience to

Launch the Renault Twingo


How could we create a compelling experience that leverage’s Time's assets to give Renault customers a unique introduction to the Twingo.  The experience had to be multi-platform and work with other activity

Who's the Customer

This was incredibly important. It would serve as the main brief for designing the most engaging experience. It also informed us about which brand to partner with.

18 -35

Not confined to but largely digital natives


Spends 80% of browsing time on the go


Live music and music on the go is part of this generations DNA.


On average the user access social media 4 times a day

Female skew

The customer base is about 60% female

Mapping  the experience

This was particularly challenging as we had multiple stake holders involved in this project. It involved showcasing the new Renault Twingo with two hooks. The first was all about getting user to sign up for a secret Spotify gig. They would be picked up from home and driven to the secret location in a Renault Twingo. The second was to use the data collected to re target them to sign up for a test drive by giving them exclusive accesses to the gigs behind the scenes exclusive content.

Multi-platform experience

Despite the complexity of continuity in on all these touch points we surpassed the KPI's required by the client. I was primarily responsible for the user experience and managing clients expectations. I have to also thank my team who did a great job with co-branding the page with 5 different pages.

co-branded visual style

This was one of the trickiest challenges. We had to balance 5 different brands. Some inspiration came from the typography from our fashion brands, the bold call to actions of NME and the core colours from the Renault Twingo branding.

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