Designing a Simpler

Olympic Experience


Support Services accommodates clients in all areas outside of the Olympic broadcasting operations. They face major customer service issues because of out dated communication methods. This how I helped.

breaking down the service

Who do you Help?

Rights Holding Broadcasters

These are our primary clients. They pay for the rights to broadcast olympics games footage. (BBC, NBC, CCTV etc)



These are specialists who are only employed during games time. They help creating the broadcast for the games.

What problem/need do you

help them with?

To ensure all of the day to day services surrounding our users outside of broadcast operations run seamlessly:


  • Air travel
  • Accreditations
  • Accommodations
  • Food Services
  • Ground Transport
  • Uniforms


Rights Holding Broadcasters

Ensure the most comfortable experience during the games so that they feel accommodated and informed. Allows them to fully focus on delivering the best broadcasting experience without distraction.



These are specialists who are only employed during games time. They help creating the broadcast for the games.

How do you deliver your service?

A guide on all of the below is sent to all RHB’ and FL’s pre games via an OBS Handbook in the GPRS


  • Air Travel - E-tickets
  • Accreditations - Sent through the post
  • Accommodations - Booked before arrival, sent via post
  • Food Services - Fine Dining, Venue Canteens, Break out areas
  • Ground Transport - Motor Pool, DDS, TM Services Timetables issued on arrival
  • Uniforms - Sizing Charts collected before arrival, Uniform Distribution on arrival, Tailor Services (optional)

Existing ways of communication?

  • GPRS (Handbook + Documents)
  • Email
  • Postage
  • Phone
  • Face to face
  • Poster

What’s the biggest communication problem you face?

In general we find that people don’t raise concerns soon enough. When they do it’s almost too late to fix them compromising the service.


Air travel

  • Rebooking flight process
  • Longer Transit times can't be avoided


Accreditations + Uniforms

  • Checking info and sizes are correct
  • Committee delays
  • Where to get accreditations



  • How to get to your accommodation
  • Why you are assigned a particular accommodation


Food Services

  • Where and how to get food
  • Where to collect your voucher


Ground Transport

  • Booking motorpool
  • What time and where we can get TM

Research & inspiration

The main objective of my research was to understand the pain points of the users, the touch points that they interacted with our services and other successful 3rd party services they are accustom too.

I was given access to a range of service areas including: Heads of Department (DOA), Freelancers - Dark days only, RHB (Restricted), Motor Pool Vehicles, Accommodation - Hotels (Accompanied), Airport (Accompanied), Accreditation - Mac Office (Restricted), Fine Dining (Accompanied), Uniforms - Pick and Pack, Warehouse (Accompanied), Port (Restricted), Food at Venues (Accompanied).


From the interviews I conducted I discovered 3 key points


  • Users are used to accessing content on multiple devices (especially mobile)


  • Delivers great face to face service but lacks quality in long distance comms


  • Committee does not keep to deadlines limiting the amount of time we have to communicate our service offering.


After conducting my primary research mapped out all of the touch points that support services has with it's user base. I then highlighted all the areas in which the users had trouble understanding what was being communicated to them.

Touch Points

Pain Points

Pain Points by Committee


From this information I was able to form a more detailed understanding of the user and the key pain points that they experience when we communicate with them.

Name : RHB Rob          Age : 35          Location : Berlin

Overwhelmed Rob

Problem Triggers

Receives a wealth of logistics info for the next games. What should he concentrate on



  • Save tickets to fly
  • Confirm starting dates match contract
  • His received his accreditation
  • He’s received accommodation details
  • Check to see if he needs training
  • Submitted uniform sizing in GPRS


Existing Knowledge + Behaviours

 leaves tickets in email or moves to passbook


Knowledge Gap

Does not check all other items because of information overload

Jet Lag Rob

Problem Triggers

Arrival in host city and very tired



  • Get Accreditation Validated
  • Get to Accommodation
  • Find a place to eat
  • What time to get to work
  • How to get there
  • Maps of necessities near by


Existing Knowledge + Behaviours

OBS/Committee member to help with Transport to accommodation and accreditation


Knowledge Gap

Timetable of how to get to work

Emergency Rob

Problem Triggers

Fred has worked very late one night and can’t get home/needs an emergency item



Get Transport

Get Food


Existing Knowledge + Behaviours

Probably dials hotline if they have access to phone cards


Knowledge Gap

Stranded at bus stop for hours if no access to phone cards

3rd parties

I also did some tertiary research around services that the user are accustom to using. I tried to pick case studies that solved similar problems that we were facing.

Virgin Holidays

Value Proposition

High quality holidays with exceptional customer service


Why they like them

  • They feel like the are being looked after with a personal touch
  • They have all of their information booked in one place.
  •  Accessible across multiple devices
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • Locals guides and knowledge gives an authentic feel
  • “Worry free guarantee”


What’s not so great

Not always as premium as described

Can sometimes feel snobbish


Value Proposition

Simplest document storage and reading


Why they like them

  • Easy to use
  • It feels very secure
  • Available in the cloud across all devices
  • Easy to read document formats
  • Great support with bite size content


What’s not so great

Limited storage

Syncing locally time delays due wifi

Chat Bots

Value Proposition

Personalised customer service without the person

Reduces customer services representative needed on call


Why they like them

  • I don’t think they know they are talking to a bot
  • Very quick response time
  • Effective at getting answers to
  • 24/7 support
  • Controlled brand response


What’s not so great

May find it difficult to complete complex operations

Only as good as the person designing the services responses


Once we had captured all this research we needed to make sense of it all. There were a lot of facts and figures that we gathered but we needed to find the key themes that were causing the most troubling communication problems.

Sometimes there is a confusion of where to get accredited. There can also be very long queues due to the lack of committee members

No body engages with hand book because it's far to dull

We have a much more face to face approach which is a good level of service but does not help to deal with the quantity of quires.

Difficult to explain to port authorities and costumes exactly what we do

People don’t want share apartments

Users are used to accessing content on multiple devices 3rd party platforms not just on desktop. In fact it’s mostly on mobile

People don’t have time to watch 5min videos

Users don’t fill in GPRS soon enough

People still ask how to exchange uniforms

Managers and Coordinators repeatedly write the same emails over and over again explaining the same things. These maybe explained in the Handbook but nobody reads it

Committee does not keep to deadlines limiting the amount of time to design our services and forcing rushes and mistakes

Booking a motor pool car can be difficult

Some Leaders find the videos too focussed on btp training. Some parts don’t help committee relations or during games time.

It is difficult to establish an initial relationship with the committee because they believe their plans are the best

Users don’t read the handbook and emails because it’s too long and complex to digest

The handbook is way too complex and extensive

Searching  for meaning

Once we had spent days trawling through all of our notes and finding we eventually  found some common threads of meaning

The KPI’s of support services depends heavily on the committee's performance and availability of their services

Initial communications are far too complex and disaggregated leading to mass confusion down the line

Although the handbook contains all this info it  doesn't engage the user because of it's linear nature and presentation

Bite Size Challenges

From these themes it was clear to us that the main problems users faced were around long distance communication and the committee dependencies.

“How do we improve trust relations with the committee in order to work more collaboratively sooner”

“How do we improve user engagement with our communications and visibility across multiple platforms”


The reality is that we couldn't really help improve relations with the committee because it was outside of our realm of influence. Instead we would concentrate on trying to improve user engagement with our methods of communications. We started with some 'blue sky thinking' ideas.

Video Conferencing

Face to face contact was very good we could try to leverage new video conferencing tech to give our clients a personal call before the fly to ensure they have everything

Digital Handbook

A digital version of this hand book. One that contains bite size content and tutorials on important topics and tips for the local area of the games.

Email Check-lists

A series of email check-lists to help users at each key touch point to ensure that they have all the items they need before travelling when they land and during the games

Virtual Concierge

Almost like an virtual concierge we would use a bot to segregate queries. This would help reduce the amount of emails about simple quires.

✘  lack of internal resources to perform 8000 + calls


✘  Not all users had the time or felt comfortable with video calling



   Most users found that this would be lot more helpful than the current handbook


   Internally it was easier to develop as it was consistent with company changes

   If they were short emails most users felt this would help


   If the emails were sent to soon or to early they could be ignored

   initially there was a bit of reservation because of the bot connotations


✔  curiously the idea was revived a lot better when described a virtual concierge

Document Organiser App

An App that the user can download to keep track of all of their documents.

AR Scanner

An AR app that could scan someones body type could help make the process of uniform sizing a lot easier.

Chat line

24 hr chat line on the OBS site so anyone could llive chat to help with any queries

Test Training

A mandatory test that users would have to pass before taking their flights to the host city.

✔  Users liked the idea of consolidated documents but already used existing services like drop-box drive


✘  App download presented a barrier to interaction


   Not all users have access to smart phones

✔  Users loved this idea as it was major issue especially amongst men.


   Reality was that development time vs value added did not stack up

   Users initially liked this idea but just wanted a hotline to call during games time


   Internally there were some reservations about the idea as it might be difficult to manage growth in queries.

   User absolutely did not like this idea as it meant study time as well as adding to the admin process


   This would help a lot with but some felt this would deter clients in the long-term

A pragmatic process of elimination  ✘ 

 We decided to float these ideas with users to see if they would engage. Four of the concepts stood out. But after a bit of pragmatic thinking and user participation we decided to combine two of the concepts (Digital Handbook + Virtual Concierge) to develop the concept of a 'The Rich Media Handbook'.


The idea was bite size online handbook designed for people on the go. The content would be fully responsive so it could be easily reused on any device and even reorder to drop into presentations and emails.


I decided to take a mobile first approach when formulating the information Architecture of the site. Often people start with desktop but it was important for us to start here because the experience is designed for people on the go.

Concierge bot  IA

I started by trying to wire-frame this experience but it clearly became obvious that I needed to prototype the experience in a higher fidelity tool with instant feedback.

Style guidelines

This was a critical part for the experience. I wasn't just about making it look pretty. It was about making the handbook look engaging. This front cover really need to excite the user about relatively mundane logistical information.


Heading 1 <H1>



Colosseum Bold


Heading 2 <H2>


Colosseum  Med



Heading 3 <H3>

Colosseum Bold

20pt <200%>


Colosseum Bold, CAPS


Line Height 200%

All vehicles delivered by Olympic Broadcasting Services will already be equipped with the necessary permits required. In some circumstances you may require an upgrade to access a special event such as an opening or closing ceremony. If you require an upgrade please fill in this form.

Line Height 200%

All vehicles delivered by Olympic Broadcasting Services will already be equipped with the necessary permits required. In some circumstances you may require an upgrade to access a special event such as an opening or closing ceremony. If you require an upgrade please fill in this form.

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  1. Option 1
  2. Option 2
  3. Option 3







Food Services








Supply Chains

Air Travel


OBS (default)











Reponsive Icon Grid


Animated 400px





Animated 400px





Animated 400px





Animated 400px





Animated 400px





Animated 400px





Animated 400px





If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings. It is not enough to see pictures these days. Stake holders need see and feel how something works. It also helps the team understand the vision for the responsive design.

You made it!

Thanks for taking time to view my work,

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I discovered many realities when shadowing some of the service. These are the top 3:


  • Users don’t fill in GPRS soon enough because communications are unclear


  • People still ask how to exchange uniforms because initial communication are unclear


  • Managers repeatedly write the same emails. These maybe explained in the Handbook but nobody reads it because it's too long.




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